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Rubrik ini adalah kumpulan artikel tentang energi yang di-upload oleh para member kami. Semoga bermanfaat bagi pengunjung yang ingin: mencari kumpulan referensi tentang energi, mengetahui seluk beluk tentang energi terbarukan secara khusus, mengaplikasikan energi terbarukan dilingkungannya. 

Teknologi energi adalah teknologi yang terkait dengan bidang-bidang mulai dari sumber, pembangkitan, penyimpanan, konversi -energi dan pemanfaatannya untuk kebutuhan manusia. Sektor kebutuhan utama yang paling besar dalam jumlah untuk massa mendatang adalah sektor kelistrikan dan sektor transportasi. Sumber energi dapat digolongkan menjadi dua bagian yaitu energi terbarukan dan energi tak terbarukan. Dalam pembangkitan energi beberapa sistem pembangkitan yang telah digunakan untk memenuhi kebutuhan energi didunia, seperti: pembangkit listrik tenaga air /PLTA, pembangkit listrik tenaga surya/PLTS, pembangkit listrik tenaga uap dan gas/PLTU,PLTG, pembangkit listrik panas bumi/PLTP, pembangkit listrik tenaga angin/bayu/PLTB, pembangkit listrik tenaga gelombang laut/PLTGL, dan pembangkit listrik tenaga nuklir/PLTN. Dari Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas.

~ The Standard Battery Bank On The Airstream

Our Portable Battery Bank.

The standard battery bank on the Airstream consists of two 12-volt group 24 batteries connected in parallel stored just in front of the trailer and behind the propane tanks. Group 24 batteries are designed to hold around 75 amp hours of power each. At a full charge, they store just enough juice for you to run all the lights in the Airstream for about 2 seconds. OK, maybe that is a slight exaggeration, but the power-hungry halogen bulbs Jackson Center, Ohio installed into our 25 foot International are not really designed with boondockers in mind. Bright and warm as they might be, they are very inefficient. Many people have swapped them out for expensive LED versions of these lights bought from Internet sources. The problem with this ‘upgrade’ is that in return of them running forever, you have to deal with these dim little blue lights that makes you feel like you are living in the International Space Station.


Solar panels and generators are great for creating portable power but you need more batteries to hold all those amps generated for when they are not pumping the voltage into our beloved puck lights. That’s especially true for solar panels since they obviously only work when there is day light. Our 25 ft Airstream International FB (Front Bedroom) model gives us the aftermarket option to store some additional batteries in the storage space under the bed. To store deep cycle batteries inside the living space of the trailer means they have to be maintenance-free, sealed versions of these batteries that can sometimes cost twice as much.

As we get closer and closer to hitting the road full time, we are trying to be very careful with budgeting our traveling funds. That means we have to make use with what we already have versus buying more gear unless its absolutely necessary. In my old days as a sailboat owner, I gathered a lot of sailboat cruising related gear. After selling the boat to make room for the Airstream, I kept a couple of lightly-used deep cycle batteries thinking that they might come in handy one day. Unfortunately they were not the sealed versions so they will not be going inside and under the bed.

Battery Bank in a Cooler

After some measuring and scrounging in the garage, I came up with an old Igloo cooler that fits these 2 batteries perfectly. With a few holes drilled for ventilation, the batteries dropped in and were wired up in parallel with some 10-gauge wires.

Battery Bank in a Cooler

The weight of the batteries make the cooler a chore to carry but the handles on the side work well to bear the load with 2 people. A 7-amp solar charge controller connected to the system allows me to maintain these batteries with a small solar cell to keep them topped off in between trips.

Battery Bank in a Cooler

A little terminal block with dual bus plates is used to connect everything to a heavy duty marine battery switch by Perko. The 4-position switch gives me the option to use 1, 2, both or none of the batteries as needed.

You might be wondering now how this homemade contraption allows me to run any of the electrical systems in the Airstream. If you own a travel trailer with a 7-pin hitch connector, you know that the car sends a 12-volt charge to the trailer’s batteries through one of the pins in the connector. The diagram below shows you what each one of those 7 pins do.


By connecting the 12-volt pin and the ground pin to the matching position in a female plug purchased from a trailer store, I mounted them on the outside of the cooler. By simply plugging the trailer into the box, I am now able use the electricity stored in this magical Igloo cooler. What’s even cooler is that it will even charge these batteries the same way when I have a 30-amp power hookup or by running our new-to-us Honda EU2000i generator. In one of the little holes I drilled out in the front of the cooler, I placed a cigarette lighter adaptor that will also allow me to use the power output for things like a 12-volt air compressor while airing up the tires or running a laptop through a small inverter while sitting at the picnic table.

Battery Bank in a Cooler

We have yet to try this setup with the Airstream but it should come in handy at a dry campground to help run that power hungry furnace fan at night when we are not allowed to run the generator. If you decide to build one of these for yourself, be sure to get the heaviest gauge wires you can get your hands on and be very careful not to draw too much load through the trailer harness. Refer to other electrical experts other than just what you see here. You wouldn’t want an electrical fire on your hands. I would keep the extinguisher near just in case.

over and out,

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~ Bantuan Energi Telah Dimulai

Deltran Battery Tender 5-Bank 12-Volt 2.0 Amp Battery Management System  
Deltran's advanced SuperSmart Battery Tender Battery Management System is light years ahead of any standard battery charger. It's the first fully automatic, constant-current battery charger designed to charge and/ or maintain up to 5 12-volt batteries simultaneously @ 2 amps.


  • Safe, No Spark Charging!
  • To avoid dangerous dead-short sparking, microchip circuitry will not activate output voltage until clips are correctly connected to battery.
  • Simultaneously charges and/ or maintains up to 5 batteries.
  • Maintains batteries at full charge.
  • 2 amps per output charging current.
  • Six foot lead with clamps include

~ Analytric 40A, 12V, 220 VAC




~ Charles Marine Models : 93 - 125055P-A


Digital Universe
Charles 93-12505SP-A 5000 Series C-Charger 50A 3 Bank

CHARLES MARINE Model: 93-12505SP-A


5000 SP Series Marnie Electronic Battery Chargers

5000 SP Series Marine Electronic Battery Chargers are the best choice for high-performance Marine UL listed products.

Utilizing high-quality components and corrosian-resistant, anodized aluminum housing, the units are built to last, performing in the toughest of marine environments. Charles 5000 SP battery chargers feature a battery type selector swtich. This feature allows the boater to charge either lead acid, gel, or AGM batteries.

Marine UL listing ensures durability and safety

  • Only complete line of battery chargers approved by Marine UL’s stringent specifications, testing and evaluation
  • Tested for durability against static, impact, vibration and shock
  • DC ammeter indicates the charge rate
  • Ignition protected (USCG-33 CFR 183.410)
  • AC and DC fuse protection

Multi-step chargnig with temperature compensation

  • Restores up to 3 individual battery banks simultaneously
  • Internal temperature compensation (12V 30-100 amp models and 24V 20-60 amp models) automatically adjusts output to precisely charge batteries according to ambient conditions

Corrosian resistant housing and components

  • Constructed of tough, anodized aluminum housing that stands up to the elements, including extreme heat, humidity, and salt air
  • Circuit boards with UL recommended coatings provide the ultimate in environmental protection and hydrolyte stability-meets requirements of MIL-1-46058C

Run cool and quiet

  • Cooling fan only operates during peak current demands
  • Virtually no RFI or EMI interference exceeds FCC/Class B requirements

Easy to install and service

  • Battery selector switch allows charger to be used with lead acid, gel, or AGM batteries
  • Exterior slots for easy mounting
  • Easy access to terminal connections and fuses

~ 12 Volt 2 - 2 Bank And Battery Tender


The 4-Bank International battery tender charging station works anywhere in the world! Designed to fully charge a battery and maintain it at proper storage voltage without the damaging effects caused by trickle chargers. • Features 4 independent charging systems and 12 volts at 1.25 amps per station • Weighs less than 3 lbs.! • Operates anywhere in the world (100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz.) • Microprocessor controlled constant current charging • Reverse polarity protected • Complies to all International safety standards • Perfect for all AGM, sealed maintenance free and flooded batteries • Optional 25 ft. extension leads available • Featu


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