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~ What Is the Meaning Of Biogas ?

 What is Biogas?

The term “biogas” typically refers to methane produced by the fermentation of organic matter including manure, crops or food waste under anaerobic conditions. Biogas energy systems are a process for converting agricultural products, wastes and other food processing wastes and by-products into renewable energy.

Biogas Process

Use of substrates (input materials)

NorthEast Biogas is able to utilize a variety of input substrates in the digestion process. Animal manure is the primary substrate which can be used as a stand alone input to produce biogas. The biogas yield is significantly improved when additional substrates are mixed with manure, these can include crops or crop waste and food or food processing waste.

Biogas Mixing Tank

NorthEast Biogas is also able to utilize substrates which are byproducts of waste streams produced by energy related processes such as biodiesel or ethanol production.

NorthEast Biogas offers a cost effective means to reduce tipping fees and disposal costs by avoiding landfill options and is interested to hear from parties who might wish to avail themselves of this opportunity.

Benefits of Northeast Biogas System

NorthEast Biogas offers a proven, complete-mix technology and experience that can be leveraged to offer significant competitive advantages. Complete mix systems are a distinct product, differing substantially from conventional plug-flow systems in several ways, and have been specifically designed for the commercial application of anaerobic digestion technology to animal and farm wastes.


Factor Complete Mix system Plug flow system
Technical reliability and availability High degree of proven reliability and Availability for multiple substrates Limited technical reliability due to design. Limited to manure only as substrate input
Construction type Modular, above ground Solid, concrete, in ground
Biogas yield (cow slurry) Approx 3.5 – 4 cows /kw Approx 5 cows / kw
Construction material High grade stainless steel, or specially formulated, interlocking, concrete panel Poured concrete
Maintenance costs Low throughout system life Higher due to process efficiency
Operation and Management services O&M performed by NEB to ensure long term performance Performance at risk of owner, no O&M typically provided by designer / manufacturer
Substrate introduction Multiple substrates which can be combine to greatly increase biogas yield Usually single substrate (manure) only results in marginal economic performance
Application Ideally suited to commercial generation of renewable energy Not suited for commercial application of biogas technology
Financial Risk Low due to high reliability of design and construction material, and the commercial viability due to high biogas yields High due to incalculable risks associated with construction material,
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