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Welcome to Floating Power Plant A/S

Welcome to Floating Power Plant A/S

Floating Power Plant is a clean-tech company that develops, design and provide a unique technology to harvest the limitless energy of the ocean.

Our product the Poseidon power plant is an invention, an ambition and a specific plan to develop and construct sustainable energy power plants in a scale, output and economy that surmounts all previous attempts to transform ocean energy resources into electricity.

Wind and Wave in One: The Poseidon concept is based on a large stabile floating platform, which work both as a platform for our patented wave energy converter concept and as a floating foundation for wind turbines. The combination of wave energy converters and wind turbines on a floating foundation are unique and have not been seen before.

We have deployed a 37 meter wide, 140kW demonstration plant Poseidon 37 in 2008 at the north coast of Lolland, Denmark by Vindby offshore wind turbine park.
In parallel, we're researching and designing new and complementary technologies.

One single 230 meter wide Poseidon power plant unit is able to supply 12.500 households with electricity from its location offshore.

First full-scale system Poseidon 37 at test site

Poseidon 37
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