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MRC Installed Watch a video of the MRC in action

Orecon's philosophy behind its technology is based on keeping the end product simple, reliable, practical and robust. The MRC (Multi Resonant Chambers) wave energy device has therefore been based on the long established and favoured Oscillating Water Column (OWC) principle which is the most effective method of wave energy conversion but until now has been too inefficient for commercial application.

OWC Technology RevolutionOscillating Water Column diagram

The OWC method enables the critical power take off components of the wave device to be housed away from direct contact with the waves, which in itself significantly reduces the risks associated with impact loads and fatigue. It also simplifies the mechanics of the wave device with just a single moving part; the turbine which is directly coupled to the generator - no need for a gearbox.

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The challenge for Orecon has been to develop an OWC device that can generate commercial levels of electrical power with the minimum cost both economically and environmentally. This challenge has been accomplished in the development of the MRC wave energy device. The MRC combines multiple OWC chambers to enable energy capture over a much broader spectrum of wave climates than the typical single chamber OWC. The efficiency of the MRC is further improved by the use of Dresser-Rand's HydroAirTM impulse turbine which has been proven to far exceed the operating efficiency of traditional turbines used on OWC's.

The MRC wave device


Designed from the start for;

  • Economic Cost of Power
  • Storm Survival
  • Reliability & Ease of Maintenance
  • Scaleable, Large Capacity
  • Ease of Deployment
  • Minimal Environmental Impact  


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Orecon MRC - The Next Generation wave energy device.

  • Simple, robust
  • No moving parts below water
  • Maintenance carried out in situ 
  • Designed to remain permanently installed & operating on site for minimum 25 years.
  • Utilises techniques proven in the offshore oil industry
  • Tension moored to the sea floor
  • Multiple oscillating water columns (OWC)
  • 1.5MW generating capacity delivers grid compatible power ashore
  • Built to industry Classification Rules (DNV)
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