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Water Turbine Generators Micro-hydro power systems

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a source of running water near their homes. But for those with river-side homes or live-on boats, small water generators (micro-hydro turbines) are the most reliable source of renewable energy available. One relatively small water turbine will produce power non-stop, as long as running water is available, no matter what the weather.

We're pleased to introduce a comprehensive line of micro-hydro water turbines, including LVM's AquaGen and Ampair's Aquair UW submersible propeller turbines, Harris Pelton and Stream Engine impulse turbines, and a comprehensive line of small reaction turbines including the LH1000, Nautilus, Neptune, Niade and Power Pal micro-hydro power systems.

For people with a good source of year-round running water, one or two water turbines may be all they need to power their homes. However, for those with seasonal, winter-only streams available, a small water generator may be the perfect back up for a solar system's off-peak season.

If you think a home water power system may work for you, browse our site for more information, or contact us for help putting together a microhydro system to meet your needs.

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