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Battery Bank Maintenance

Next to your solar panels, your batteries are the next most expensive item in your back up power toolbox. Monthly maintenance is extremely important in keeping the health of your batteries in optimal condition. I normally do my battery maintenance in the first week of every month. This month I had to add some Distilled water to my batteries, clean off all the residual acid and rotate. I took the opportunity to explain to you the proper way to clean the acid off the tops of your batteries. To clean your batteries the following steps are required.

1. Mark your positive and negative cables. You do this so you know which cable goes to the correct battery posts upon reassembly.

2. Remove the battery cables from the battery posts.

3. Make sure that all the Battery caps are secured. You do this to ensure that no baking soda gets into the wells and mix with the battery acid. This would Kill your batteries and render them useless.

4. With your caps secured, sprinkle the baking soda on the top of the battery. Everywhere you notice the baking soda bubbling is where the battery acid is.

5. Take a stiff bristled brush and brush the top of the battery to remove the grime and baking soda residue.

6. Take your water hose and turn it to a gentle stream and gently rinse off your battery.

7. Dry your battery off and then reassemble in the reverse order.

8. Now that your batteries are clean and dry. You need to replace the batteries back into your battery bank. Continued Battery Bank Maintenance will increase the longevity of your batteries. You should check the water level and perform this maintenance every month.

If you are wondering about the costs and items associated with Alternate power and solar energy, I highly recommend that you subscribe to my newsletter. James Patton is the Alternate Power loving purveyor of "" at which he discusses all things Green. Visit him today at

By James H Patton

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