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~ James Riady: Not Just Green but Also Sustainable - James Riady, CEO of Lippo Group believes that sustainability is the key for the world's survival, which is currently burdened by a growing population of 6.5 billion. The CEO gives his opinion about the importance of sustainability to complement eco-property or green property.

"Everything (every project) can be 'green', but is it sustainable?" asked the vice chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for property. Sustainability is about finding the balance between a decent life style that can continue. Finding the balance point is the current polemic.

One of Lippo group's projects, Lippo Village, has applied eco-property. "When we built the new city, we had sustainability in mind. To create a living environment which is good, sufficient, comfortable, but also sustainable and can also improve the surroundings."

Lippo Village covers 20 square kilometers. Its planning must reflect a sustainable goal. "And also financially sustainable," he claimed.

James stated that besides for public facilities, roads, and recreational places, the green principles must also be for homes and other buildings. For instance, regarding sewage, there should be more than just a septic tank planted underground, but the sewage must be directed to a central system to be recycled. Lippo Village has that kind of concept.  (Robert Adhi Ksp/C17-09)