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West Kalimantan: Dengue cases

PONTIANAK, - Number of dengue fever dengue (DBD) in West Kalimantan this year has increased compared to previous years. Kalbar Health Department records, since January to early June 2009 there are 400 people with DBD in West Kalimantan, nine in the order I died.

Quick action is needed to anticipate the potential explosion in the number of DBD Kalbar.

"We have a letter regent and guardian of the city across the West Kalimantan, asking them to improve the observation of cases DBD and health facilities set up to anticipate the explosion DBD case," said Head M Dinkes Kalbar dawn, Monday (8 / 6).

DBD number of first semester this year in West Kalimantan more than that of the previous year. Recorded in the same period the previous year is 325 patients at DBD Kalbar. S ementara number of DBD who died in 2008 in West Kalimantan have 4 people. Increasing the number of victims and died as a result DBD in West Kalimantan this year, most in the City and Pontian ak Singkawang.

Until this time there is no area in West Kalimantan the case of sterile DBD and thus there is a tendency for increased cases. This is the dawn of factors influence the mobility of people infected never DBD from outside the area between West Kalimantan and West Kalimantan in the region. In addition, changes in weather factors also influence the increase in cases is DBD.

Associated with the increased number of penbderita DBD who died this year, according to the dawn of a delay in getting medical help. There is still a tendency, taken to the DBD of a health clinic or hospital after the condition is quite severe. Therefore, the community immediately examined diimbau themselves to a health clinic or hospital if the fever is not high kunjung down in three days.

Malaria also increases

DBD addition, people with malaria in West Kalimantan this year also increased quite significantly. Kalbar Dinkes data show, in 2009 the first chess Wulan 5068 malaria have been reported in six of the 14 districts / cities in West Kalimantan. In fact, one area in West Kalimantan, Pontianak Regency stated that Gen. Extraordinary (KLB) after malaria found four people who died in early May.

Data malaria in West Kalimantan in three years lalau increased. In 2006 there were 63,804 people have malaria, in 2007 there are 80,477 people, and in 2008 there are 73,192 people. Malaria Program Manager Dinkes Kalbar Asep Subalakna disclose, economic losses due to malaria by 2008 is estimated to reach Rp 18.6 billion.

"Estimated losses take into account these costs and losses incurred due to lost working days during a patient treated in the hospital," said Asep.

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