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Murdered Canadian diplomat another possible victim of Valerie Plame Wilson/Brewster Jennings disclosure. On May 26, Italian police discovered the badly decomposed body of Canadian diplomat Lewis B. Miskell in a Naples sewer. Miskell, 49, had been stabbed in the abdomen. Intelligence sources report that Miskell, who assigned to the Canadian embassy in Vienna, Austria, was the attache responsible for liaison to UN specialized agencies in Vienna.

The most important UN agency in the Austrian capital is the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the nexus for nuclear talks with Iran and a significant activity surrounding the activities of the defunct Brewster Jennings Associates, the covert weapons counter-proliferation front company outed by the Bush White House.

The clampdown on information about Miskell by the pro-Bush Stephen Harper government in Canada indicates that Miskell may have had an intelligence function and was operating under "official cover" at the Canadian embassy in Vienna.

Miskell traveled from London to Naples on March 6 and was supposedly on vacation. He was due to return to London on March 14 but failed to show for his flight. There has been no explanation from Canada why Miskell, who was posted in Vienna, was traveling between Italy and London. There are direct flights between Vienna and Naples. Miskell was last spotted at the Naples train station.

A Nigerian national named Desmond Anywi was later discovered with six of Miskell's credit cards, which he said he found on the floor of the Naples train station. Police have not charged Anywi for robbery and there has been no explanation from police why Miskell was found with his wristwatch and other personal effects.

Computer records showed that Miskell made online inquiries about several hotels in Naples prior to his trip but did not reserve a room in them nor did he visit them. Miskell had a history of photographing "historical" sites in various countries.

Suspiciously, unnamed "police" sources in Europe began spreading information that Miskell, who lived alone in Vienna, spent a lot of time on Internet chat rooms trying to meet people and stayed in the seediest parts of European cities, including the area in Naples where he was investigating hotels.

Canada has been a source of tritium, a nuclear weapons component, for Iran. The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) has been known to be lax for its sale of nuclear components to nations abroad. Miskell was posted at the Canadian embassy in Washington, DC during the mid-1990s.

Slain Canadian diplomat had ties to International Atomic Energy Agency investigating nuclear weapons proliferation.

In what may be a related matter, the Swiss Federal Prosecutor's Offiece has complained to the United States that the Bush administration has failed to cooperate with Switzerland's efforts to track the A Q Khan nuclear proliferation network.

The Bush administration's multiple refusals to assist Switzerland in probing the Khan network, which was a major target of the CIA's Counter-Proliferation Division, Brewster Jennings Associates, and Valerie Plame Wilson, was revealed by former UN weapons inspector David Albright.

Switzerland arrested three members of the Tinner family -- Friedrich, Urs, and Marco -- for illegally supplying centrifuges from a Malaysian company to Libya. Urs Tinner has been rumored to have been a U.S. intelligence asset.

Switzerland has received cooperation in its probe from Southeast Asian nations, including Malaysia and Thailand, and South Africa. All three are key transit points for nuclear materials involving Russian-Israeli Mafia assets who, in turn, are linked to top members of the Bush administration, including Vice President Dick Cheney.


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