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NUMBER : 68/PR MEMR/2008

New Indonesian-Danish Cooperation Started on Energy Efficiency
and Energy Management

Indonesian-Danish Energy Efficiency Forum 2008

Denmark has succeeded within the last 25 years to expand its economy with 75 percent and simultaneously keeping the total energy-consumption in control at the same level as in 1980. To a major extend due to substantially improved energy efficiency and better energy management.

The ambition of the new cooperation between Indonesia and Denmark is to support Indonesia to experience a similar development.

Indonesia – in spite of the present financial crisis in the world as a whole – is in the midst of a historic development in terms of technical and economic development.

This is already now putting a lot of pressure on the existing power supply. It will be difficult for i.e. PLN to invest sufficiently in expansion and establishment of necessary new power-plants and supply-grids in order to fully cover the expected demands for energy even in the nearest future.

At the same time will energy consumers – industries, institutions and private families – slowly but surely – be confronted with higher prices on energy.

Finally – the increasing threat from climate changes originating from CO2-emmissions calls for intelligent and cautious handling of the ever-growing need of energy.

Increased Energy Efficiency and better Energy Management are one of the most important answers to all these challenges for Indonesia.

Indonesia and Denmark did in 2007 sign an agreement on Danish grants to support Environment in Indonesia. One of the components in this program is “Support to Energy Efficiency in Industrial, Commercial and Public Sector”. The budget for 5 years will be approximately USD 8.5 million.

The Component will be implemented through the Directorate General of Electricity and Energy Utilization (DGEEU) in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. DGEEU will be supported in this by the Danish consultancy firm “Danish Energy Management”, which was selected by a joint Indonesian-Danish tender committee in Copenhagen in September this year.

The Component will be officially launched 3 December 2008 at the “Indonesian-Danish Energy Efficiency Forum 2008” at the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Jakarta.

The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, H.E. Dr. Purnomo Yusgiantoro will officially launch the component and present a key-note address. The Danish Ambassador (designated), H.E. Børge Petersen will also attend and present a speech.

After the official launch invitees from public and private sector with special interest in Energy Efficiency and Energy Management will be presented with seven Danish companies with an esteemed track record within the field of Energy Efficiency and Energy Management. It is hoped that bilateral contacts between Danish companies and Indonesian Institutions and private companies will kick-off the process towards higher Energy Efficiency in Indonesia.

Contact: Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Public Relations or Royal Danish Embassy, p

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