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2N Energy Bank Battery Backup (501399E)

Primarily,  EnergyBank is designed to back up 2N® EasyGate and 2N® SmartGate Analog GSM Gateways. The backed-up power supply is connected between the mains adapter and the 2N GSM Gateway, the adapter being included in the 2N GSM Gateway delivery.

2N® EnergyBank is designed to back up accidental supply voltage outages for equipment supplied with 12V dc voltage with the peak current drain of 1A. The backed-up power supply works as a pass-through system, i.e. the backed-up equipment is connected continuously to the output connector and the power supply (typically a mains adapter) to be backed up is connected to the input connector. During a voltage failure on the input connector, EnergyBank transits automatically into the back-up mode.

When a device other than a 2N GSM Gateway is used for back-up, it is necessary to observe the parameters included in the "Technical Parameters" section. Especially, be sure to use an appropriate mains adapter.

The adapter voltage must be within the input voltage limits mentioned in the Technical Parameters; common transformer adapters usually do not meet these requirements. The use of an unsuitable adapter may lead to a substantial reduction of the battery life or equipment damage. You can purchase a suitable adapter with stabilised output voltage from the 2N company.

When your 2N® EnergyBank outlives its usefulness, dispose of it in accordance with applicable legal regulations.

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