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~ Information of 25 Parallel Battery Bank

25 Parallel Battery Bank Information

Batteries can be wired in parallel to keep the same voltage but
to increase battery bank capacity.
Multiple 12 volt batteries to build up the capacity of a 12 volt
battery bank.

Batteries can be wired in series to increase the battery bank
Two 6 volt batteries wired in series (a series string) become a 12 volt battery bank.
Two 12 volt batteries wired in series become a 24 volt battery bank.   
And so on.
When wiring more than three batteries in parallel or when wiring
more than three series strings in parallel it is recommended that
they have a common positive and a common negative wiring

This will allow all of the individual batteries to be charged and
dis-charged the same.
If your battery bank goes out of balance, meaning that there is a
large difference in voltage and state-of-charge of each battery,
the working capacity and life-span of the battery bank can be reduced.

large parallel battery bank

large series parallel battery bank

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