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~ How Does A Dual Bank Charger Work ?

How Does a Dual Bank Charger Work?
  1. A dual bank charger has the advantage of being able to recharge two battery banks simultaneously. The mechanism is simply an extra port on the charger frame that allows for multiple plug-ins. This allows greater flexibility in the power supply arrangements. For example, a dual battery bank charger can charge both a deep cycle battery bank and a shallow cycle battery bank at the same time.Dual battery bank chargers are also especially versatile in their input capabilities. Most dual bank chargers can plug into both AC and DC sources, which makes them readily usable in a variety of arrangements, taking electric charge from solar power converters, standard power supplies or other outlets.The process of charging in a dual bank charger is similar to other battery bank chargers. The primary stage consists of providing constant current and steadily increasing voltage to the battery bank. Second, the voltage is held steady while the current gradually decreases. Finally, the voltage is reduced, and the current cut back to a much lower level, until the total power supply is just enough to maintain the battery bank's full charge, at which time the process is complete.    By Joe White                                                         
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