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~ A Balance Between House And Chassis Battery


This is a proven device to maintain a balance between house and chassis battery, while hooked to shore power. Many older units have no provision to maintain chassis battery charge when parked, even though hooked to shore power.

Xantrex’ digital echo~charge (Part # 82-0123-01) is designed to charge auxiliary or starting batteries from an inverter/charger or other charging source with limited voltage drop. The Xantrex echo~charge detects when the house battery bank is being charged and directs a portion of the charge current to auxiliary or starting batteries. The maximum charger current offered by echo~charge is limited to 15 amps.

The Xantrex Digital echo-charge is specially developed for charging an auxiliary battery with FreedomTM or Fleet Power® Inverter/Chargers or with any charging source. The Digital echo-charge automatically switches ON and OFF, charging a starter or auxiliary battery without affecting the main house battery bank. The maximum charge current is 15 amps when the starting battery is 1/2 volt to 1 volt DC less than the house battery. The Digital echo-charge is designed to work on 12 VDC or 24 VDC systems. The Digital echo-charge is a voltage-follower, following the three-stage charge modes of the Freedom Charger. This method protects the starter battery from over-charging and ensures a long life for the battery. If using another charge source, the Digital echo-charge will follow the charge stages of the source. Refer to the source’s Owner’s Manual for charge modes.

The Digital echo-charge unit is complete with:

  • 2 feet of 16 gauge wire with ring terminal (quantity 1)
  • 2 feet of 16 gauge wire with ring terminal and 20 amp
    in-line fuse (quantity 2)
  • Digital echo-charge Owner’s Manual

Product Features

  • 15 A maximum charge current
  • Automatically adjusts for 12 or 24 volt battery banks (both battery banks must be the same DC voltage and battery type)
  • Automatically switches on/off without affecting the in-house battery bank or over-charging
  • Utilizes excess current from the primary charging source
  • Built-in thermal and over-current circuits
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Easy three wire installation
  Switch ON voltage (12 VDC mode)   13.0 VDC
  Switch ON voltage (24 VDC mode)   26.0 VDC
  Output amps   15.0 A (maximum)
  Voltage limiting (12 VDC mode)   14.4 VDC +/- 1%
  Voltage limiting (24 VDC mode)   28.8 VDC +/- 1%
  Dimensions (H x W x D)   5.5 x 4.5 x 1.25"
  Weight   1 lb
  Warranty   One year
  Part number   82-0123-01
Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.

Use only deep-cycle batteries in your house battery bank. Only similar batteries should be connected together in one bank. Do not connect old and new batteries together or wet and gel cell batteries together. Always use properly sized terminals and cables for your interconnecting battery cables. Starter battery and house battery banks should not be mixed in the same bank.

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