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~ The Concept Of BiEnergy

               BiEnergy - sustainable energy production

The BiEnergy concept is a holistic approach for a sustainable bio energy cycle, which is also capturing greenhouse gases from the biggest polluter in the world… animals! Methane released from manure is 21 times more harmful to the ozone layer than CO2.

Production of meat and milk contributes with 18% of global emission of greenhouse gases. However, processed correctly, manure also represents

a huge potential for sustainable energy and fertilizer production, while at the same time, reducing greenhouse gas emissions with up to 85%.

Stiftelsen Vekst and Energreen Bio have designed a closed loop concept for greenhouse gas harvest and considerably improved energy efficiency from manure-based bio gas handling.“ This is enabled by several new patented inventions.


Biogas powered energy plants will grow in size, and manure will be transported from farms by specialized trucks. Manure is pumped from storage tanks and treated on the truck to increase energy density. Up to 90% of the manure is fluids. The fluids are separated from the solids prior to transportation by a vacuum based separator. The fluids are cleaned and can be disposed in nature.

Now only the energy-packed solid part of the manure is transported to a biogas plant, with only 1/10 of the cost and CO2 emission.


At the biogas plant, methane develops from the manure. This is a result of an anaerobic digestion in large tanks. The gas is converted to electricity and heat, which has traditionally been a process with low efficiency and high maintenance cost. This is now changing.


The ThermoConverter is a patented invention that will produce twice as much electricity from your heat source than any other technology. And it will reduce maintenance cost significantly

  • The first clue is to use steam to drive water through a volumetric turbine.
  • The second clue is to keep the pressure inside a closed system. Pressure is energy. Never release it

High pressure steam drives the water out of the tank, and the water drives a volumetric turbine with an electric generator. Low pressure water is returned to a tank.

Halfway down, the steam inlet closes, and the water is driven by the closed-in steam pressure. This time, the water is driven into a medium pressure turbine system.

When the tank is empty, the steam is released back via a steam turbine and a condenser, and water is refilled into the cylinder Then the cycle is ready to start again.

Now, to get continous electricity production, we need for example four cylinders.


The waste from the digesters are separated. The solids can be used as fertilizer, and the fluids can be used for biomass production.


The waste fluid, CO2 and heat is used to produce water plants and algaes, which in turn can be used to produce biofuels or animal feed. The plants and algaes can also be reused in the biogas digester, to produce more energy.

BiEnergy - Changing waste to value

  • Sustainable energy production
  • Enriched fertilizer
  • Reduced emissions
  • Cleaner water

The BiEnergy concept is developed by Vekst Foundation and Energreen Bio AS.To learn more, watch the self-paced presentation here.

Contact: energreenbio
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