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Biogas and biomass

Biomass is a common term for all organic substances formed through the photosynthesis of plants, and which decompose to CO2 and water within a number of years. This may be in the form of straw, wood, manure and other biodegradable waste.  

Biomass as a fuel in combined heat and power stations and district heating plants etc. is one of the renewable energy sources that has so far made the greatest contribution to Danish energy production.

Biogas is produced by slurry and organic waste from food industries, and is typically used for production of heat and electricity. The degassed slurry is returned to the farmer and used as manure.

In Denmark, biomass makes up about 70% of renewable energy consumption. The majority of biomass is straw, wood and biodegradable waste whereas biogas contributes to a lesser extent.

Biomass consumption has quadrupled in the period from 1980 to 2005, and further increases are expected in future - primarily for heat supply at district heating plants and in small-scale installations in households, at enterprises and institutions as well as large-scale power plants.




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