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Heliocentris offers a wide range of fuel cell systems from 50W to 16kW for stationary as well as mobile applications.


To support you integrating your fuel cells we also offer specifically pre-qualified components to every fuel cell system (converters, load regulators, adapters, ...).


Suitable hydrogen solutions (generation and storage) are also available to satisfy your needs.



Constructor System

50 W - Air Cooled


The modular design of this robust, modular fuel cell system facilitates its integration. Several hundred units are already in use around the world. more


FC-42 System

360 - 720 W - Water Cooled


The FC-42 Evaluation Package is a modular system periphery for easy and safe operation of 360 W and 720 W water-cooled fuel cell stacks. more


Heliocentris Nexa® 1200

1,200 W - Air Cooled


The Heliocentris Nexa® 1200 is the successor to the popular Nexa® Power Module. Based on the modern FCGen™ 1020 Stack from Ballard, the system provides an output of 1200 W. more


HyPM System

4 - 16 kW - Water Cooled


The HyPM fuel cell systems from our partner Hydrogenics drive energy-intensive projects (both mobile and stationary) and are distinguished especially by the completely integrated design and the large output range of 4 – 16 kW.  more



Hydrogen Supply


In line with our fuel cell systems we provide hydrogen generation and storage solutions tailored to your needs.  More


Application Examples


Take a look at application examples of our customers and get inspired.  More

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