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Wave Energy - Expanding the Resources

Our Leadership Team

Wave's President, Don Rae has more than 30 years of diversified experience in the oil and gas industry. Most recently, Mr. Rae was Senior Vice President, Exploration at Penn West Petroleum Ltd., now Penn West Energy Trust.

Wave Energy - Expanding the Resources

Wave Energy Ltd. seeks to create long term value for shareholders via conventional exploration and development of crude oil and natural gas with a particular focus on securing and developing large oil in place reserves. The company is dedicated to employing advanced technologies such as mulitstage fracs as well as secondary and tertiary recovery methodologies to maximize value from these large resource plays. The Company is based in Calgary with properties in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Montana.

The Company intends to be a significant long term oil producer by:

  • Acquiring large light and medium gravity oil in place resources with high working interests to ensure control of the pace and timing of development;
  • Delineating those resources with advanced technologies which offer optimal producing reserves per dollar expended;
  • Implementing pressure maintenance schemes to maximize recoverable reserves;
  • Designing and building cost efficient and scalable producing infrastructure to ensure long term cost competiveness; and
  • Securing long-term pipeline access from project areas to ensure access to markets.

At Wave we are building our oil and gas business using a simple, five-step proven formula.

Development Approach: Use leading-edge technology to extract maximum value from each prospect.
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