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~ Flood Gate Of Kedung Ombo Reservoir

 Kedung Ombo resevoir water gate closing for one month

Flood Gate of Kedung Ombo Reservoir, Grobogan district at Mid Java, will be closed for a month from 1-31 August. During closure, farmers live along the irrigation pipeline of Kedung Ombo Reservoir make the most of water supply from three dams that comprised to become part of the current Reservoir.

"Sidorejo, Sedadi, and Klambu dam provide constant irrigation. Currently, the condition of three dams is good with level of water depth 80% from normal condition," told Bambang Harijanto, Coordinator Division for the Flood Gate of Kedung Ombo Reservoir, in Grobogan, Tuesday (15/7).

According to him, based on report from the Federation of Farmers Irrigation area of Kedung Ombo Reservoir, there are around 2000 acres of wet rice fields have need of water. Those wet rice fields scattered throughout Demak, Grobogan, Kudus, and Pati district. According to Bambang, closing flood gate of Kedung Ombo Reservoir affected PLTA Kedung Ombo electricity production activities. For one month, PLTA Kedung Ombo has been unable to supply electricity 1x22.5 MW due to water that activated the turbine has stopped flowing. Still Secure In the mean time, volume of water at Sermo Reservoir, Kulon Progo district, special region of Yogyakarta, still categorised as safe for at least 2 more months. Anticipation of drops in water volume has been prevented by closing water irrigation since beginning of the month.

Based on the observation done by Bureau Water Supply Sourcing / Balai Pengelolaan Sumber Daya Air (BPSDA) Sermo Reservoir, starting 15th July water level height should average 133.47 meters above sea level (dpl). The contents of water volume contained by the reservoir approximated to be at 13.79 million meter cubic. According to Head Section Operation Data Sourcing BPSDA Sermo Reservoir, by the name of Subagiya, Tuesday, condition of dam only be categorised critical if fall below the operational level, that is at level 113.70 meter dpl.

With assumption, decrease in reservoir water surface level roughly 1 meter per week, such critical limit not possible to occur until the beginning of November raining season. In drought season, at least 1200 acres of wet rice fields of Kebumen district, at Mid Java, also go through drought thus failed to harvest. Around 809 acres of wet rice fields failed to harvest, represent wet rice field technically irrigated in Puring sub-district because do not get irrigated by Sermo Reservoir. According to Head Section Planner Agriculture and Data Monitoring of Kebumen Farming Department, by the name of Triharnani, drought season in Puring take place every year. Water irrigated does not get into the sub-district.

Related to the demand of clean water supply of Mountain Kidul district, lack of sufficient raw material is main problem for drinking water supply company at the province / Perusahaan Daerah Air Minum (PDAM) to expand their network locally. At the moment, PDAM supply up to 75% of water supply consumption to citizens living in the district. As indicated by Managing Director PDAM Mountain Kidul, Tjiptomuljono, Tuesday. (WKM/YOP/HEN/MDN) Source: Kompas Cetak,

Grobogan, Kompas

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