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~ PLTA'S Annual Conventioan In Williamsburg

PLTA Celebrates a Historic Convention in Williamsburg

For the first time in 88 years, PLTA’s annual convention was held in conjunction with another land title association.  On May 31, 2009 title professionals from the Pennsylvania and New Jersey Land Title Associations gathered at the Williamsburg Lodge in Virginia.  Over the course of three days 187 PA and NJ title professionals enjoyed fabulous weather, incomparable education, wonderful sponsor presentations, exciting entertainment and each other’s company.    to see some pictures from this memorable event, and watch this site for an announcement about the 2010 joint convention.

PLTA - Making a Difference

Land Title professionals serving the Pennsylvania real estate industry and consumers since 1921

Did you know.......That the first title insurance policy in the nation was issued in 1876 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania land title professionals have always been at the forefront of their industry and profession.  The Pennsylvania Land Title Association was formed in 1921 and continues to be dedicated to promoting the goals of education, professionalism, ethical standards, and  effective advocacy within the land title insurance industry.

PLTA is comprised of land title insurance underwriters (insurers), title insurance agents and agencies, abstractors, and affiliate members consisting of attorney agents and vendors who serve the title insurance industry in Pennsylvania. With over 500 members and six statewide regional chapters, PLTA is strong and growing.

Become a part of this vital organization!  to join.

President's Perspective

To Present and Future PLTA Members:

Did you ever wonder what makes PLTA so successful year after year?  Thomas Edison, the prolific American inventor, said it best, "Success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration."

Our 90%:  We are blessed to have a dedicated and delightful staff.  The rest of us, all volunteers, regularly set aside our day job to benefit PLTA.  

The 10%:  Working together, we inspire each other to imagine and create innovative ways to solve our common goals.  It is this cooperative spirit which makes us great, a spirit we must nurture and maintain to continue our success.

Join us and be inspired.


Len Shatz

Leonard A. Shatz, Esq., CLTP

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