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Wind Energy

ARI Renewable Energy Company makes the most advanced hybrid solar-wind generator in an easy package. We have partnered with an American University to design and improve small wind energy technology. And our goal is to make the least expensive and highest quality solar-wind energy generator. We have developed industry leading technology for quietness, high performance, durability, and more efficient turbine blades for our generators. Our innovative wind energy technology is patent-pending for "Quietness and High Performance Turbine Design".

Quiet Hybrid Energy Turbines

ARI energy turbines feature CPU controlled magneto generators for over-speed protection and higher efficiency at all wind speeds with simultaneously lower blade speeds, making it known as the quietest hybrid energy turbine among its competitors. This advanced technology for wind generators is the same as that used for regenerative braking on modern electric cars. Wind energy turbine generators provide power to a hybrid solar-wind charge controller with 12, 24, and 48 volt auto-regulating states to ensure optimal charging power of solar-wind and to protect battery bank from over charging. These technologies offer outstanding performance and efficiency that is the least expensive on the market with products of 500 watt, 750 watt, and others under development.

Our customers report that the ARI system still operates at -5.8°F and under severe icing conditions, while its competitors have frozen up and stopped generating power. Customers attest that our wind power generators do not create irritating howling or moaning noises or blade vibration due to high winds, as can be found with other turbines. Its unique design helps to create a beautiful skyline while providing clean energy on sunny or windy days.

More Questions About ARI Renewable Energy?

Most people do. If you have questions, the first place to look is the FAQ, under the Resources tab. Then view the Wind Turbine and Tower Kit Manuals, under the ARI Solar Wind > ARI Wind tabs. If those do not answer your questions adequately, please email or phone us. We are here to serve you.


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