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Wind energy has been the fastest growing energy source in the world since 1990. However, this growth has been achieved with wind turbine technology that has required subsidization. We plan to change this picture.

Since 1997, The Wind Turbine Company (WTC) has been developing a revolutionary 2-blade, downwind wind turbine. Our 250 kW first prototype has been in testing since May 2000 at the Department of Energy's National Wind Technology Center near Boulder, Colorado. Our 500 kW second prototype was installed in December 2001 in northern Los Angeles County, California.

We have gained valuable experience and an appreciation of the challenges faced in developing new wind technology since these machines first went into operation. Along the way we have accomplished many of our goals, and have had a few setbacks, which have proven to be even more valuable learning experiences.

To date, we have focused on mechanical hardware and the turbine's control system, improving our understanding of the operating characteristics and fatigue load reduction potential of our proprietary flapping-hinged rotor design. We are now focusing on demonstrating our turbines can meet commercial operating and reliability standards. In the final stage of our development effort we will design a new rotor blade to optimize turbine performance. This will allow us to increase rated capacity of the turbine platform to 750kW. Once these new blades have been tested, we will deploy turbines in several small demonstration installations in North America and prospectively overseas, and then be ready to offer our turbines commercially.

Our goal has always been to produce a utility-scale wind turbine that does not need subsidies in order to compete in electricity markets. Our target is to reduce the unsubsidized cost of generating wind energy to 3.0¢/kilowatt-hour in large windfarm applications. Then we'll see some real growth in the use of wind energy!

We hope you enjoy our web site and welcome you aboard.

Change is in the wind!
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