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The wind can be our closest friend or our most feared enemy. It can provide a cool breeze to relax in while you’re on the beach or let you fly a kite at the park. It also helps to carry pollen and other seeds to the ground, which in return creates new forms of life.

But the wind can also cause massive destruction to our water sources, our natural environment and our homes. It is a natural element that can not be destroyed, so the best way to use it to our advantage is to create wind power.

What is wind energy?

Wind energy is energy that is created by using the wind to generate power. It is a form of kinetic energy that can be transformed into mechanical energy or electricity.

How is wind energy created?

Wind power is created by different types of wind power generators. The two most commonly used wind machines are:


Windmills are the oldest form of technology used to create wind energy. They were originally created to help pump water for farming and consisted of a tower with a multi-bladed rotary engine. The wind would turn the blades, which would then turn a crankshaft that would pump the water. Windmills can be used for not only pumping water, but also for grinding grain, tobacco and other spices.

Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are the most modern wind machines that also use large blades to generate electricity. These machines consist of blades that are mounted on a turning shaft. The shaft has a gear transmission box that increases the speed of the blades. The transmission is attached to another shaft that turns a generator to create electricity. Wind turbines can be use for charging batteries, pumping water and powering homes.

What are Wind Power Plants?

Wind power plants, also known as wind farms, consist of large groups of wind turbines that use a common power provider to produce electricity. They are all interconnected together through common distribution lines, and they are all controlled and operated by computerized monitoring system.

What are the benefits of wind energy?

Here are some benefits of using wind power:

Wind power is quickly becoming a useful renewable energy around the world. You can learn more about wind power projects, services and providers at the American Wind Energy Association website.

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