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Welcome to Home Power Systems,

Providing environmentally safe, small scale hydro and solar generating renewable energy systems and products for off grid homes, grid tie net metering, and other remote sites.

This site includes many photos of working systems we have built, and gives a brief overview of Home Power fundamentals. There is a large variety of equipment available for use in Home Power systems. Selecting the right equipment for your site is very important. We know what works, and what does not. Please call or email and we will be glad to discuss your power needs. We have access to just about everything available, and can provide individual items or complete systems.

Each link below leads to a page with examples, pictures and information gathered over years of hands on involvement with 'Home Power Systems'.
Hold your mouse over these pictures for a description.

DC Hydro - Systems & examples 
AC Hydro - Systems & examples 
Photovoltaics - Solar equipment 
Hydro Basics & Electrical Theory 
Data & Tables (Printable) 
FAQ & Answers
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Peter holding an 80 watt Siemens solar module An induction motor running as a generator, and producing 500 watts of 60 hz AC. Induction systems  can transmit over long power line lengths.
Grid inter-tied wind turbines operating in southern Alberta. We built this four foot wide horrozontal weir to measure up to six cfs. The following night, unusually heavy rains brought the level to four inches over the top of the 12 foot long crest. The flow had increased to over 30 cfs during the night!  
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