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For many years HUMMER wind turbine denote itself to supply excellent wind turbine generator to the whole world. As one of the largest manufacturers of small wind power generator in China, we aim to be the best wind turbines manufacturer and wind generators supplier, as well as a professional wind turbine generator enterprise with worldwide influence which help people take advantage of wind energy.


The Model H6.4-5000W wind turbine has the great advantages of high efficiency and low rated wind speed. It introduces several patented technologies and uses some special materials.

The off-grid controller adopts the integrated design which consists of the controlling, inverting and load-diverting parts. It fulfills the functions of charging and protection for over charging/discharging, over-loading and short circuit, also supplies a diversion load. The controller outputs sine wave and has a spare interface for solar energy. Without especial fixation, the controller for 5000W could be connected to the solar panel within 2500W.
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