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A Super High Efficiency AC or DC Homemade Generator
Low rpm design 0 - 120 V   or   220 V - 240 V
 The SP500 can also be made to run at much higher voltages!
Easy to build!

Copyright 1992 - 2009 Creative Science & Research

Designed to be used with our Fuelless Engine or Gravity Motor! The Sp500 can also be used with other
free energy or high efficiency motors or windmill devices. Also great as a hand crank generator!
Very easy to build!

You can design our generator to run any size home.  Or if you like AN ENTIRE CITY!
Simply scale up our design to any desired size or voltage wattage output you desire!

Specially designed coil for SP500 AC or DC Generator   ( Nano Flux Technology )

                                                                                            Copyright 1992 - 2009 Creative Science & Research

Detailed AC - DC Generator Plans! 
This is a new type of AC or DC generator designed by us. 

New Technology for the 21st century and designed as an easy homemade device that anyone can build!  A breakthrough in AC - DC Generator design! Great for Home use as well as industrial use!  It was designed to operate with our Fuelless Engine, Windmill, and  Fuelless Gravity Engine devices but can be operated by other means as well.

Very high efficient, unlike any other generator seen today! Can easily be designed to operate at much higher voltages than 120 V AC.  Great for many high voltage projects.

For those needing 220 V AC or 240 V AC that live outside the USA, our SP500 can be designed to run at these voltages as well. We know of no other research group that has a generator like this!  We have made it easy for you to build at home.  You do not have to be an electrical engineer to build this.

     From David Waggoner

" I discovered this new special type of generator when I was working on a new prototype for a free energy electrical motor. I placed my array of coils next to a moving N38 Neodymium magnet and what I saw on my volt meter just blew me away! I could not believe what I was seeing. The output on these special coils was like nothing I had ever seen before. There is no other generator in the world like our SP500 Generator. and is easy to build! I personally Guarantee The SP500 to work or your money back! "

Thank you
" David Waggoner "


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Copyright 1992 - 2009


order # SP500

The SP500 Generator Plans .....only  $70.00

 42 pages long Low rpm  0 to 120 V AC or DC.

Color photos, as well as  drawings and illustrations.   Color plans are available for downloading and by air mail on computer CD only,   These plans are also included on our CD 1 package.


           Instant Download! >  Add to Cart

                                                                           Click Here:  To purchase by mail, download or other:   

OR ORDER BY PHONE: 1-812-945-5839

Ordering Information?




These plans are for basic generator design as well as a new and super generator theory and design
by David Waggoner, not yet fully built and tested ( bench tested only ).  The SP500 is our New Discovery and
one should start off by building it first if needing a home generator. The HFG9 Generator is for research
purposes only for those who like to tinker a bit.


      Question: What is the difference between the SP500 and this generator?

The HFG9 has no moving stator or rotor parts!                 
The SP500 does have moving parts and has been built and tested.                
                  The Sp500 is a super high efficiency generator!               
                                                      The HFG9 generator is for research purposes, science fair projects etc.                

....................................only $16.95  #HFG9

                                                                Instant Download! Add to Cart

                                        Click Here:  To purchase by mail, download or other:   


If you have already ordered plans from us before,
you can deduct the amount you paid for the plans
from the cost of CD#1. Do not include the shipping 
you paid or for videos that you may have purchased.
Not to exceed $125 or CD's will be full price.

Now Available!  All 33 Plans and 4 Videos as seen on this website!

CD package 1 .......................................$300.00   
ou save over $351.60

                                Instant Download! Buy Now

Click Here:  To purchase by mail, download or other:  

Letters From Customers Click Here:
All plans and videos are available by download or by mail in .PDF format - Adobe Reader   Ordering Information

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CD Package deal # 1- info   PHONE ORDERS: 1-812-945-5839

Free Energy Catalog!

Creative Science & Research  PO BOX  557 New Albany, IN.  47150
Copyright  1992 to 2009   PHONE: 1-812-945-5839

David Waggoner  / Owner / Research Scientist / Physicist

Rick Gibson /
Sales Department /  Customer Service 
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You must be 18 years or older to purchase our plans. CD's are shipped in a black vinyl CD / DVD case with 2nd day priority with tracking number.
 Plans are also available on download.  These plans are guaranteed to work or your money back. The SP500 is a trade name of Creative
Science and Research, all rights reserved! CD box photo is not included. Contact;

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