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B And Q Wind Turbines And Solar  
  Wind turbine generators and solar panels are finally to be promoted to the masses through the UK's biggest DIY chain B & Q and their 300+ UK stores. Starting in October every store will display a range of water heating solar panels and energy-saving wind turbine generators for fitting on domestic roofs.

The 2 metre diameter 1kW Windsave 1000 wind turbines can be wired directly into a domestic ring main and cost just shy of £1,500 including planning permission advice, free home survey, and full installation. The survey, in addition to checking the structural integrity of the house on which the turbine is to be fitted, will also assess if the location is too sheltered from the wind and other factors. This wind turbine will save approximately 30% on the average household electricity bill, doing particularly well where currently domestic electric heating is used.
Windsave 1000 wind turbine available from B & Q for £1.5k including installation.
The water heating solar panels are designed to provide half of the hot water required by the average family with a 2-panel set-up priced at £1500, and a 3-panel set-up at £2500. Installation is not included in these prices and so the total cost involved is likely to be considerably more unless you have strong DIY skills.
Water heating solar panels available from B and Q.

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