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~ Renewable Energy As Sustainable Solutions

 Renewable Energy and Sustainable Solutions

Solar Electricity Generation

While oil is getting more expensive, Solar PhotoVoltaic (PV) panels are getting more attractive.... When properly configured, solar PV energy is already more economic than power from small generators and thus a realistic option for remote locations and back-up power.....

Even for homes that have connection to the grid, solar PV is suitable, sensible and economic for security lighting, garden lighting, pool pumping, well pumping and other applications such as back-up power.

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Our new Bali Office has opened in Nusa Dua on August 1, to better serve the markets for villas, resorts and hotels.

With its high awareness of environmental issues and, of course, its high level of sunshine and wind, Bali is a perfect fit for our alternative energy solutions.

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Contained Energy Bali
Jl. Siligita, Kompleks Pertokoan 55C
Nusa Dua
Phone: 0361 7805142

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Show Room & Factory:
Jalan Laksanama
Nurtanio Nomor 51
Bandung 40183 - Indonesia
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022- 603-8050 (08:00-17:00)
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