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~ Posisi PhD Dalam Solar Cell

PhD Position in Solar Cell, Germany

The Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz is one of Germany’s largest Universities with more than 30000 students. Mainz is located in the Rhein-Main-area close to Frankfurt airport.

The Physics department has branches in nuclear physics, atomic physics, and solid state physics. Close cooperations to Max-Planck Institues on the campus exist and enhance research possibilities


Solar cells are now a standard high tech product. However, current thin film solar cells use rare and expensive materials like indium. With decreasing manufacturing costs of the modules material prices will become more important. In our project we look for alternative materials for solar cells which will be relevant in future generation solar cells.

Within a joint cooperative project of several Universities and research institutes we will prepare at the University of Mainz new thin film materials and characterize the inner interfaces of solar cell structures by high energy photoemission using our synchrotron measurement facilities. The material we grow will serve as absorber material in p-i-n type solar cells.

The candidate should have a good knowledge on solid state physics and/or thin film technology. Social competence is needed for integration in a research team as well as for a llimited amount of teaching obligations at the University. Fluency in English is a must, knowledge of German will be helpful.

Start of the project will be in October 2009

To apply: Please send your cv. to Alamat e-mail ini diproteksi dari spabot, silahkan aktifkan Javascript untuk melihatnya
Expires: November 06, 2009

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