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Renewable Energy and Sustainable Solutions



Projects Update March 2008

2 Units 3000 liter/day Solar Powered Reverse Osmosis Systems installed fo Government on Nusa Penida, Bali.

Large Solar Hot Water System with 144 solar collectors for Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel, Bali.

Contract for Training and Installation of EU funded solar PV installations (total 100kW) for 8 Micronesia Islands.

Solar Cacao Dryer, streetlights, home systems and water pumping for INDOGERM/EKONID in Aceh

5 Lorentz Solar Water Pumping installations for CHF, Aceh

Solar/Wind system for Bumi Sehat birth clinic in Meulaboh.

Solar Street Lights for preschools (TK) in Aceh.

Solar Campus Lights for vocational school (SMK) in Aceh

Solar Security Lights for Cibadak Chicken Farms.

Lorentz Solar Water Pumping on Banka.

42 Home Systems and solar streetlights installed in Muara Tiga Village.

Contained Energy (CE) provides quality and reliable renewable energy solutions for remote communities, resorts, homes and businesses in Indonesia, ASEAN and worldwide...

CE solutions are uniquely optimized for hot tropical climates, where sun is abundant, where winds are benign and where ‘cooling’ is a big part of household energy needs. Our systems are also designed to be appropriate for developing infrastructures, both in terms of economy as well as of applied technology...

CE is your one-stop partner for design, supply and installation of renewable energy systems such as:


Please feel free to contact us with your questions. There is no obligation in asking us for a proposal for your particular project or idea.


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