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~ Sharp Mengembangkan Manufacturing Complex Untuk Abad 21 ini

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Sharp to Develop Manufacturing Complex for the 21st Century

New Production Center Will Combine State-of-the-Art Production Facilities for LCD Panels and Solar Cells, As Well As Hosting Plants of Affiliated Businesses Sharp to Develop “Manufacturing Complex for the 21st Century”
On 31 July, 2007, Sharp hosted a press event to announce its plans for constructing a new manufacturing complex.

Sharp has made the decision to build on the same site a new state-of-the-art LCD panel plant and solar cell plant for the mass production of thin-film solar cells in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture. This project is being developed as a “manufacturing complex for the 21st century” that will incorporate relevant infrastructure and facilities, as well as attract material and production equipment manufacturers to construct plants on the same site.

President & COO Mikio Katayama announces Sharp’s development of a 21st century manufacturing complex.

President & COO Mikio Katayama

President & COO Mikio Katayama
  At the press announcement

At the press announcement

The LCD panel plant will be the first in the world to use 10th-generation glass substrates, the world’s largest size.

 The solar cell plant will mass produce thin-film solar cells.

Glass substrate

Glass substrate
  Thin-film solar cells

Thin-film solar cells
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