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ELECTRIC GENERATOR WATER REELE.lectricity plays an important role in human life and its activities.

Currently, many villages in Indonesia still do not have electricity due to the absence of a power plant capacity and difficult areas to access.

With desire, determination and commitment, Sahabat Alam brings Sahabat Alam friends to help them fulfil their dream; flowing the electricity into their houses for the children's studying, watching television, cooking and all other activities in the day and mainly at night.

As today’s crisis environment causes climate change, this draws us to create a power plant that uses natural potential nearby which functions all year long.

The potential electricity we will apply is based o­n surveys and researches of the location combined with our school knowledge of Science, Electricity, Mathematics and Physics. These knowledge will definitely help us in providing a new source of energy that is environment-friendly without damaging the mother nature.


The great potential for water energy which comes from waterfall in which the water energy combined with a turbine and dynamo could be utilized and converted as a source of electric energy which we call as “Electric Generator Water Reel”.

The power could be obtained from the head of the waterfall combined with the volume per second flow of the waterfall and the gravity:

              Power = Head x Flow x Gravity                

At the same time, we are utilizing a clean, environment-friendly, green, renewable and sustainable energy that does not increase the amount of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, which worsens the greenhouse effects; as earth’s temperature rises.

Living with electricity will provide a better life and development to the village. More development activities can be carried through with electricity that is previously impossible. This is definitely promoting better quality of life and economic growth to the villagers; improving education and health facilities, providing peace and spirit of mutual assistance for all villagers; bringing and uniting all villagers’ sense of togetherness in becoming an independent village which excels in welfare and better life without destroying the earth.

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