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JAKARTA, -  Industry Minister MS Hidayat said his office was preparing a grand strategy on energy conservation and reduction of green house gases in the industrial  sector that will be implemented in 2010-2020.
"The program for the implementation of CO2 emission reduction in the industrial sector is a follow up to the government’s commitment stated at the G20 summit in Pittsburgh in 2009 on reduction of green house gases,"  Hidayat said at a ceremony marking the start of industrial energy conservation and CO2 reduction implementation program, on Tuesday.  
Hidayat added that the program is compatible with the ministry’s vision on bringing Indonesia to be a strong industrial state in the world in the year 2025. In addition, the program is in line with the country’s long-term development concept on sustainable development.
"Energy holds a very important role, something that becomes a basic necessity in sustainable development," Minister Hidayat said, adding that energy must be used in rational and wise ways so that the need for energy would be able to be sufficed now and in the future.
Noting the fact that currently Indonesia relies chiefly on fossil energy sources, Minister Hidayat said that renewable energy sources such as biomass and solar are still in small percentage, roughly 5.0 percent.

He said that the country’s commitment of energy conservation has been clear as defined in government regulation number 70 year 2009 on energy conservation, stipulating industries using more than 6,000 tons oil equivalent (TOE) are obligated to conserve energy through energy management.

In that regard, he added, the government has planned an industrial energy conservation and CO2 reduction implementation program to be implemented in 2010-2020. This strategy contains four phases of energy conservation implementation and CO2 emission reduction, eco-labeling implementation, CO2 emission reduction promotion and establishment of energy services companies (ESCO).
In the first phase, the ministry launches energy conservation and CO2 emission reduction starting from September 2010 to last until June 2011 whereby those involved are steel, pulp-paper industries. Thirty five steel and 15 pulp and paper industries on Sumatera and Java are included to participate.

The activities which have been carried out in the program among other energy audit trainings and socialization programs in six major cities, Medan, Palembang, Surabaya, Cilegon, Semarang and Bandung. Antara 

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