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German-Indonesian Symposium on Renewable Energies

the German-Indonesian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, in cooperation with the German Federal Ministry of Economies and Technology represented by the German Energy Agency (DENA), will host a German-Indonesian Renewable Energy Symposium to encourage the mutual business partnership in the field of renewable energy. The focus of this symposium is to promote the wide range of business opportunities in this sector. The event will be held on Monday, June 26, 2006 at Hotel Borobudur, Jakarta . 

With the aim to bring latest technology and expertise from research to market, the German-Indonesia Renewable Energy Symposium will present renewable energy companies such as Exotherm (geothermal), Ossberger GmbH + Co (hydropower), Shell Solar GmbH (Solar Photovoltaic), Aufwind Schmack GmbH Neue Energien (Biogas; Wind and Geothermal) and SUNSET Solar GmbH (Solar Thermal/PV). From the Indonesian side, the Directorate of Electricity and Energy Utilization (DGEEU) will explain recent policies related to renewable energy sector; Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) is expected to inform about potential demand areas, Badan Pengkajian dan Penerapan Teknologi (BPPT) will describe pilot projects in the renewable energy sectors. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) will illustrate the micro credit for Solar Home Systems and future renewable energy business.

It is estimated that the current renewable energy potential in Indonesia is more than 300,000 Mega Watt (MW), ranging from solar, wind, small-hydro, biomass to geothermal energies as per table shown below: Besides, PLN data for 2005 show that Java-Bali power supply systems can provide 18,402 MW while the peak demand is now already 14,821 MW. The reserved capacity is only 22 nd bears the risk of a future electricity crisis - especially under the fact that the demand of electricity grows at level of 7-8 er year. On the other hand, the government has provided electricity subsidy for the value of Rp 17,5 trillions for 2006 while PLN still has the obligation to pay Rp 19 trillions to PT. Pertamina.

It is clear that PLN does not have enough capacity to serve the demand of energy currently. Eventhough the government has planned to operate new electricity plants starting in 2009. Still questions remain regarding what will happen with the electricity situation within the next four years. Especially under the circumstances of steadily increasing demand.

DGEEU set up the regulation to use 5 f electricity source from renewable energy, larger than the last period. BRI has a financial scheme specially for alternative , i.e. Kupedes for solar home systems. Furthermore, several micro hydro, wind and geothermal pilot projects have successfully implemented in some areas in . Obviously, renewable energy will be the potential alternative energy that can be of significant support to PLN to serve the recent demand of electricity, in industry and household level. German renewable energy technologies have an excellent reputation both at home and abroad. Many years of experience in and operating systems, innovations in research and development and countless references around the world make “renewables made in Germany” a source to meet energy needs in Indonesia.

EKONID will facilitate individual business consultation sessions with the representatives of German companies and interested parties from Indonesia to discuss business opportunities, potential cooperation and mutual partnership after the symposium.

The association, is the officially recognized agency to promote bilateral business relations between Germany and Indonesia . In more than 30 years of its existence EKONID has developed itself into a provider of a wide range of services, far surpassing its original trade promotion objectives.

For further information about German technology on renewable energy visit:

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