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LOAD ANALYSIS - Determining your energy consumption

Comprehensive energy audits are important to determine the 'renewable energy' capacity required for your situation. It is necessary to calculate the power (Watts) used per hour per device/appliance that you want included in your renewable energy system.

WHY fill out the Load Analysis Form?

If you would like to conduct your own load analysis of your property see below for full instructions.  The 'Load Analysis' form will assist us in analyzing your load and calculating your energy use. This information will enable us to supply an indicative quotation.

There are four simple steps to determine the average daily load:

  1. Select which lights and appliances will be used.
  2. Find out how many watts each consumes. (If rated in amps - Watts = amps x volts)
  3. Work out how many hours each day (on average) each appliance will be used
  4. Enter this data online into the Load Analysis Form and then click the 'submit' button
    print a blank 'Load Analysis' form, enter your data and fax the sheet to
    SPI (+62 361 778805) for analysis.

Developers & Contractors
We suggest that you visit our Renewable Energy Showroom at Nusa Dua where we can view plans and drawings to gain all the detailed information required to complete a Detail Load Analysis. With this information we are able to supply a complete and comprehensive quotation. How to find SPI Nusa Dua.

Site Survey Service (Energy Audit)
If you would like an SPI engineer to visit your residence, villa, business or company to conduct a full load analysis (energy audit). Please contact us for our range of audit services and costs.

To see an example of the Load Analysis Form Click here.

FYI - The total energy consumed per day is calculated by multiplying the rating of the appliances by the number of hours that they are used. It is measured in watt-hours per day. To gain a better understanding of average watts used by appliances, please click here to see 'Power Consumption Guide'


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